3 Unbeatable Reasons to Buy Only Genuine Honda Parts

If you are looking for parts for your Honda or have done so in the past, you must have come across the terms – ‘genuine’ and ‘aftermarket’. Genuine parts are the same parts that came with your new Honda and manufactured by the same company while aftermarket parts are copies of the original parts made by other companies.

Out of these, only genuine Honda parts are made to Honda's specifications to maintain the quality of your vehicle. Here are the top reasons why you should buy only genuine Honda parts for your car.

Quality & Reliability

You can count on genuine Honda Parts since they are made to the strictest quality standards by Honda engineers for an exact fit and precise performance.

While aftermarket parts may claim to be similar quality, they are not made to match Honda's engineering and material specifications.

You bought your Honda vehicle for its quality, reliability and performance and genuine Honda parts are made with the same finesse.


Inferior parts may be cheaper but can leave you and your loved ones stranded and at risk. Genuine Honda Parts do not compromise your vehicle's performance and safety.

Each part works with other parts to function properly. Compromising on a single part may jeopardize your car. Genuine Honda parts are designed and tested for individual performance and interaction with the entire vehicle as well. This process ensures the durability and safety that you expect from Honda.

Peace of mind

Only select sellers are authorized to sell genuine Honda parts. Genuine Honda sellers such as 247 Honda Parts sell only factory guaranteed parts.