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247HondaParts.com's online presence started 15 years ago with the website hardtopguy.com. It was all started by a bet with my Honda Parts Director, John Wiggil. Back in 2000, He bet us that we could not sell a single OEM Honda s2000 hardtop. He gave us a month to sell one otherwise, we owed him lunch. Well that month went by and we bought him lunch. He proposed another bet, this time for dinner. We agreed. I then took to the internet, found s2ki.com and placed an ad. Within 10 minutes, I had our first hardtop sale. I then became a sponsor of the site and hardtopguy was born. Throughout the next several years hardtopguy.com evolved. As the production run of the s2000 came to an end, many thought that would be the end of hardtopguy. Since then we have re-invented hardtopguy.com and branched out into selling all OEM Honda Parts and Accessories. 247hondaparts.com is the latest move to re-invent. 

Enjoy the same great service and great pricing that you are accustomed to on hardtopguy.com with 247hondaparts.com.

As in the past we have sponsored many Honda s2000 club events, almost every WTD and DBR, Every Fall Colors event, and we are excited to sponsor the Summer Dragon run.

If your Honda Club or group is having an event, please fill out a contact us form and we at 247hondaparts.com will be happy to help promote it and sponsor it.

Here are some links to our most popular sites:

S2000 club of America We are a board sponsor and lifetime member

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s2000 Summer Dragon Event